Our Mobile/Event Electric Vehicle Charging Service Means No Need For Added Pit Stops!.......Just Grub, Supplies & home!!

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Tired, After A Hard Weekends Enjoyment At A Festival, Show or Sporting Event? With Our On-Site Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging, Theres No Need To Hang Around Motorway Services While Your Car Charges!!


The last four years have seen a remarkable surge in demand for electric vehicles in the UK. At S2VS, we believe that everyone should have the right to drive their own car, van or motorhome to every event, regardless of the fuel which powers it. 

Festivals, Shows and Sporting Events are permanent fixtures in the British calendar. Much in the same way as 

Electric Vehicles (EV´s) are fast becoming the preferred mode of transport for many households and businesses. Currently in the UK, 200,000 (5%) of cars & vans on our roads are EV´s (fully Electric Vehicles) or PHEV´s (Electric Plug-in Hybrids). By 2025 this number is forecast to rise by over 300%. 

The introduction of small sporty hatchbacks such as the Volkswagen e-Up & e-Golf, Renault e-Zoe, Audi e-tron and BMW I3, coupled with the more traditional options such as Tesla & Mitsubishi; means the demographic of EV owners is wide and varied. As a result, we believe this can only lead to an annual increase in the number of festival and event goers looking to take their own EV, safe in the knowledge they can fully charge on-site in order to make the trip home safely. Simply Put: Remote on-site charging has never been more in demand. 

For most event organisers, car parking is a major consideration and as much as there are certain provisions in place, they often overlook the increasing number of green/eco drivers. 

At S2VS we can help. We provide temporary Mode 3, Type 2

electric vehicle charging to any location including: Festivals, Events & Shows, Product Launches, Temporary EV Parking Zones & Major Sporting Events. 

Our fully-sustainable, "Valet" charging service can accommodate all types of Electric Vehicles (EV)´s. Our specially-constructed, temporary, charging zones can be designed to supply as many vehicles as required and our charging units are modular, enabling us to provide a complete bespoke VALET (meet & greet) solution for any event.



Our Journey So Far

Solar 2 Vehicle Solutions UK Ltd (S2VS) was founded by renewable industry experts with over 15 years experience within the sector. 

The vision was to take the passion for renewable technologies such as Solar PV and Electric Vehicles (EV´s), and couple it with our past experiences within the festival and event sector; to offer a service, which is truly unique and definitely relevant. But what if we could go a step further? What if we could develop complete Hybrid generation & storage solutions, which would enable us to utilise pure Green Energy with practically zero emissions, in order to charge the vehicles? Acheivable?? We know it is!! 

This fully-sustainable strategy has evolved over many years from existing success with large-scale, off-grid, renewable energy projects. 

 We are not just here to set-up some charging points; That simply wouldn't work!! Expecting visitors to return to their vehicle during the event to disconnect and remove from the Charge Zone, is unrealistic at best!! Plus, no two events are the same. Our ethos is to provide an invaluable and personal service tailored to each individual event & location and by doing so, cultivate relationships within the festival & event sector, whereby we can work with organizers to help overcome the challenges they are facing in making the industry greener!! We believe our experience in all things renewable and can prove invaluable in this regard. 

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The Problem


CO2 from travel accounts for approx. 70% of an events toxic emissions. Regardless of the measures taken on-site to reduce pollution from electricity generation, you cannot prevent the pollution from people travelling to and from the event........or can you?? The UK Governments policy to ban the sale of diesel vehicles by 2040 has had the desired impact, with many households and businesses opting to Go Green and purchase Electric or Electric Hybrid vehicles. We are also now starting to witness the introduction of Electric Campervans and Motorhomes. 

We simply felt however, that as much as there were certain provisions in place for transportation to and from events, there was no real support for EV drivers; who in most cases are unable to make a complete round trip of more than 120 miles without having to charge!!.   

It just seemed like they were being excluded for simply choosing to drive an environmentally friendly car???

The Solution


Our customer “meet & greet” Valet Charging proposition captures the true essence of the word “service”. After all, why shouldn’t EV drivers benefit from a few perks for doing the right thing by the environment?? Why shouldn't they have the right to driver their own electric car, van or motorhome to any event, safe in the knowledge they can charge on-site at one of our charging stations, in order to make the journey home as safe and as short as possible. 

CO2 from fossil-fuel powered vehicles is of paramount concern.

 “with travel pollution a major issue for all event organizers. We wanted to go straight to the heart of the issue, as opposed trying to offset pollution, which in essence, had already been created. Furthermore, our customers return to a vehicle which is fully-charged and ready for home” 

Nicola Gale – Head Of Operations at S2VS UK Ltd. 

The Future


EV Charging is just the beginning. We are also working with other off-grid energy specialists to continue to provide complete end-to-end green solutions.  

By incorporating other technologies such as Solar PV and battery storage, we can provide a completely sustainable strategy which takes energy from the sun, stores it and then utilises the generated electricity to charge the vehicles on-site.

We are also looking to mobile Solar Car Ports, which can be transported to and from the events. 

We know the technology is out there to make this a reality. 

This is our vision

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S2VS Electric Vehicle charging - Shambala Festival Video

Check out this great video of our charging services at Shambala Festival 2018. 

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