Frequently Asked Questions


What Type Of Events Are Suitable For Your Mobile EV Charging Service?

Our service is applicable to any location. Simply put, we can add value to any event or venue. These include: Festivals, Shows, Sporting Events, Product Launches, etc..  

How Fast Do The vehicles Charge?

Our specially designed, Type 2, charging units, can fully charge an EV or PHEV in under 2 hours. 

Why Do You Operate a meet & greet "Valet" Service

It just wouldn't work any other way! To simply set-up charging points and rely on users to come back and unplug/remove the vehicle from the charge zone during a festival or show is simply unrealistic. We also feel that by offering other perks such as EV parking at the entrance to the event, greatly encourages EV drivers; which is best for environment.  

As An EV Driver, Do I Have To Pay For The Service?

Typically our service is free for Event & Festival goers, with the organiser covering the costs. This enables organisers to promote a green ethos and provides peace of mind that they are doing all they can to reduce CO2 from their event. It also illustrates environmental responsibility and from a PR perspective, is quite simply a "Touch-Of-Class" for any event! 

What Happens Should I Loose My Key/Fob Collection Ticket During The Event?

Upon registration, we request several pieces of information and log them on our system. We then take a photo of each driver, before asking for a signature. This ensures we can reconcile each driver with the correct vehicle, regardless of whether they can produce a key/fob collection receipt or not. 

How Do You Know How Many Vehicles Will Arrive & Require Charging?

Prior to the event taking place, we send out an e-mail to all attendees promoting the EV Charging Service. We then request any EV Driver complete a form in order to register. We then send them a special car pass which gains entry to the designated EV Zone.