"Valet" EV CHARGING - So How Does It Work??

Our Valet (meet & greet) Charging Service Is Truly Unique and First Of Its Kind Within Europe & UK

So How Does It Work? We simply section-off a designated area of the event car park specifically for EV Charging and/or parking. This area will be professionally branded with clear instructions for patrons. The service will be managed as a valet system, so vehicle owners simply drop-their-car-off and we take care of the rest. All they need to do is sign-up upon arrival. 

Valet Charging/Parking Service. Visitors basically leave their vehicle with us or in one of the designated spaces; one of our fully qualified and insured attendants then charge the vehicle before relocating the vehicle to its original parking space. 

Personalised Service. We then send a personalised text message to the vehicle owner informing them their vehicle is fully charged and their key is ready for collection. Keys can be collected from the appointed and secure collection point anytime during our designated operating hours.

Security. We take security very serious at S2VS, thats we we have a number of safety processes in place. During registration we ask each customer to provide several pieces of information incl. mobile number, e-mail, vehicle registration. We then take a photo of each owner next to their vehicle. This also serves as a fail-safe should they lose their ticket. 

Data Protection & GDPR. All data provided is kept in the strictest confidence and we will not forward your details to a third party.....EVER!! 

Electric Vehicle (EV) Control Centre. Our EV Control Centre, has been designed to centrally manage localised multiple EV charging points from a single control panel. This versatile system allows up to 18x  EV charging points/bays to be managed from the control panel.

Suitable Events. Our EV Valet Charging Sevice is suitable for a variety of temporary events such as Music & Folk Festivals, Country Shows, Sporting Events, Concerts, Flower Shows, Product Launches, Temporary EV Parking Zones, to name but a few.